The 10 teams

The 10 teams commissioned to develop a UK-wide festival of creativity in 2022

Following a three-month R&D programme and a rigorous assessment process, 10 creative teams have been selected to take their ground-breaking projects into full production for next year’s Festival UK* 2022.

The paid R&D supported new collaborations between more than 500 scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians. Drawn from across the UK and working in 30 teams, they included more than 100 freelancers. Many more opportunities will be created as the commissioned projects are developed.

The 30 teams worked under a creative commons and what they produced will become a publicly accessible resource to inspire future generations. The festival will also continue to offer support to the 20 teams whose project ideas were not taken to commission, and where they want to develop them further.

The festival programme will be announced, along with a new name, later this year and full details of the 10 commissioned projects are being kept under wraps to allow the Creative Teams to turn their ideas into reality.

Designed to bring people together and showcase creativity, they will reach every corner of the UK and 66 million people globally. There will be events, public engagement activities, participation opportunities and learning programmes reaching millions of children and young people, demonstrating the importance of creativity in people’s lives and our collective futures.

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10 experiments in creativity -
The 10 commissioned creative teams

An unprecedented experiment uniting cosmology, biology, projection technology, STEM education, poetry and 13.8 billion years of history asking questions about the single biggest story of our collective experience.

An immersive experience exploring the wonder of the human mind through architecture, neuroscience, technology, light and sound.

World-building, inclusive co-design, immersive mobile technology, TV Drama, futures thinking in science, and live performance collide to produce an experimental and inspiring form of transmedia storytelling.

A unique approach to community growing celebrating music, future food technology and sustainable festivals. Demonstrating the power of collective action in the largest ‘grow your own’ project of modern times.


A cosmic adventure exploring immersive experiences, new technologies, science innovation, social media, youth culture and the power of imagination to change perspectives, dismantle boundaries and ignite the creative energy of towns across the UK.

An experiment in astrophysics, augmented reality, landscape, visual art and play, asking what happens to your perspective on everything when you look back at earth from space.

A physical manifestation and celebration of the British weather and UK coastline; a large-scale installation that addresses global questions, encourages playfulness, elicits joy and presents an experiment in change.

An experiment in film, broadcast and augmented reality, public archives, digital access and immersive storytelling asking who are we? Where did we come from and where are we headed?

An experiment in mass participation, co-creation, shared histories, sustainability, installation, performance and spectacle through the lens of nature, multiculturalism and ritual and reclaiming space.

An experiment in lighting technology, environmental science, geo-tracking, mass participation, exploring the beauty of the UK outdoors and asking questions about access, taking part, landscape and the future of public spectacle.