An open call

Festival UK* 2022 is bringing Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artists and Mathematicians together to collaborate on big ideas.

To ensure the work created for Festival UK* 2022 is open, original and optimistic, we are currently investing in the creation of ideas through a detailed project of Research and Development (R&D).

On 9 September, Festival UK* 2022 put out an open call for Creative Teams (made up of organisations and individuals from across the STEAM sectors) to apply to take part in a paid R&D project to create compelling, ambitious and jaw-dropping public engagement acts on a global-scale.

This is a £3million funded R&D project (with 30 selected teams each being awarded up to £100k), at the end of which all ideas will be exhibited as a snapshot of the UK’s creativity, to inspire future generations.

Up to 10 Creative Teams, selected from the 30 teams participating in the R&D project, will be shortlisted to have their idea taken into full commission and be part of the Festival UK* 2022 public project which will be launched in autumn 2021.

Our Creative Advisors will be working alongside the Festival UK* 2022 team to support, inspire, provoke and challenge Creative Teams during the 12 week R&D project.

With the deadline now having passed for Creative Teams to submit their applications to take part in Festival UK*, the R&D project with the selected 30 Teams will take place between November 2020 and January 2021.